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cheap holidays to turkey in october

Cheap Holidays to Turkey in October

With the summer season quickly approaching, many people are booking cheap holidays to Turkey in October. Turkey is a popular family holiday destination, and there are a wide range of cheap holiday packages available to suit all budgets. The main tourist peak in October, which is June to September, sees an increase of visitors to the country, with many of these tourists now planning to travel on all inclusive holiday packages. When considering taking cheap holidays to Turkey in October, it is advisable to book well in advance. As well as being able to avoid the overcrowding and expensive price increases that may occur at the beginning of the school holidays, you can also plan your holiday so that you hit the popular holiday spots at the most opportune time.

The weather in October can be quite hot, but there are some great beaches and resorts available in the area. With cheap holidays to Turkey in October, you can make the most of a warm, sunny weather and make the most of your holiday experience by exploring the surrounding attractions. Taking cheap holidays to Turkey in October also allows you to spend more time sightseeing than you would on a dull, wet summer’s day. If you head to the Marmaris area, for example, you will find some great scenery including the Blue Mosque, and you will not have to face the crowds.

The old town in Antalya is an attraction, and there are many ruins in the area which are open to the public. If you take cheap holidays to Turkey in October, you will be able to combine this part of the beach with a visit to the Hammamet citadel. Hammamet is the oldest city in the area, and the baths are thought to date back to the 7th century. The local cuisine is delectable, and many of the restaurants are family run or operated by elderly locals.

There are many cultural events to attend in Antalya, and plenty of free things to do too. If you take cheap holidays to Turkey in October, you can see the annual Turkish New Year celebration. It is a colourful affair with local folk festivals, keggings and traditional dancing. This is also a good time to see the city of Antalya and its fantastic historical buildings.

You can see many of the world’s museums in Antalya as well. There are numerous art galleries, and many visitors come here just for the visual pleasure rather than doing any work. There are also many eating places, many of which are cheap. If you have an appetite, you can always get a meal in one of the many cheap restaurants in the area.

Many families go on cheap holidays to Turkey in October to spend the day visiting the English cities of York and Liverpool. On the early evening, you can join some local dancers for some dance entertainment at the harbourside bars and clubs. You can also see some Turkey’s national flower, the Emrysoglossum, at the Antalya Garden. Turkey has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, and there is so much to see. During the day, many people stay out at the numerous beach resorts.

One of the cheapest ways to travel cheaply to Turkey in October is by train. There are direct trains from London to Istanbul, and from London to Antalya. There are also sleeper trains that stop in various other European countries such as France, Germany and Switzerland. All the trains run regularly, and you will save money by purchasing a ticket for a return journey.

Of course, another cheap holiday idea is to stay in self catering accommodation. There are many properties available, from beachfront villas in the mountains of Marmaris to small B motels in the heart of old town. You will find that most of the properties are fully furnished. Many of them have been used as weekend retreats before being turned into private apartments or luxury hotels. So if you are looking for a peaceful place to stay during your break that doesn’t break the bank, self-catering is the ideal option for you. Just remember to get up early enough to avoid the crowds.

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